Video Production

We are specialists in professional video production and corporate video productions including events, interviews and training videos.

We know that high quality professional video productions can be expensive so we utilize the latest video techniques and approaches to meet every budget. A professional video means high quality professional video camera's, sound recording and post video production editing,graphics and output for web, video or DVD.

Our professional staff are available for all types of live events including conferences, interviews and functions.

A professional video production can range from a 60 second power message to a much longer and more detailed video infomercial or interactive Public Information DVD.

We use a combination of advanced interviewing techniqes and state of the art equipment, camera and audio methods to capture your concept in a stunning corporate video.

Our professional videographers and professional video editors will seamlessly combine graphics, titles, animations, video music and sound effects into a single audio visual experience designed to motivate your target audience to act now.


Types of video production:

  • Corporate Video Production - advertising, infommercial, promotion

  • Live Events - confernces, training, interviews, press releases

  • Documentary, Lifestyle programs and Short Film

Video Production output to:

  • DVD - customers and conference playback

  • PC Video Files - presentations and embed in powerpoint slides

  • Web Video Clips - websites, blogs, podcasts

  • Streaming Video - websites, conferences

Freelance Videographers:

  • 1/2 daily and full daily Rates - discounted for long schedules

  • Interviews - 24 hours notice

  • Documentaries

  • Events - on call, anytime, anywhere home tour

We often find our professional video production staff play a leading role in helping organisations develop their marketing identity and to deliver key messages designed to differentiate you from your competition and to generate substantial revenue.

If you need to stand out and are looking for a creative, professional video production company with proven marketing ability to help create your new image - please contact us for a free quotation.


Live Events

Professional video recording of live events takes specialist skills. In a "one shot" environment you need experienced videographers who really know their stuff with advanced filming and interviewing techniques.

Our team know how to prepare for these live events and to capture the shots that matter.

We do all types of work from interviews, conferences, training sessions, meetings, sports events.

Your video production will be professionally edited as a wonderful recording of the event, or developed as a promotional DVD for future events or fundraising purposes.


Training & Workforce Video

Our professional crew take special care with your training video's to make sure all major concepts and messages are carefully delivered with maximum impact.

Human resources workforce video's include clips for team meetings, conferences and events. Have some fun at your next event. We can help you to script some funny sketches or parodies designed to get everyone laughing and build team spirit.